Running parallel to the northern California coast, this highway has some of the best views  in the United States and possibly one of the best scenic road trips in the world. Known as the Pacific Coast Highway or Ca Hwy1, it has  been made instantly recognisable  by the countless movies it has featured in . Officially the Pacific Coast Highway, legally designated by California state legislature, is less than 130 miles long, running between Dana Point and Oxnard in southern California, however for the seasoned traveller with time on his hands you can travel from the border of Mexico north to Canada, a journey of over 1800 miles which would take about ten days to complete.

For most tourists though the trip involves driving from Los Angeles to San Franciso or visa versa, a distance of about 480 miles and if you have flown in to either city then your trip starts once you have picked up your rental car.

For the rest of this narrative let us presume that you have started your adventure from Los Angeles as arguably  this is the better of the two journies, unless you intend to drive both ways. If your trip is one way, try to drive from the south to the north. You will be driving on the insides of the curves and having another lane as a buffer between you and the sea especially as some of the route is narrow with winding roads and sheer drops into the Pacific Ocean, plus the views are clearer toward the north. If you are flying in from the UK or Europe, then an overnight stay before your trip would be advisable and finding  Cheap Hotels in Los Angeles before you leave will relieve all the stess after a long haul flight.

Once you leave Los Angeles, if you leaving from the airport area, head towards and take the I 405 N for about 8 miles before joining the I10 W for a further  4 miles and finally you join Hwy 1.  You begin by driving through the outskirts of Santa Monica and on towards Malibu via a thin sliver of land between the ocean and the Santa Monica mountains, though there is not too much to see here, as the ocean is mainly obscured by residential properties, there are plenty of nice beaches on route though.

Mugu Rock near Oxnard on the Pacific Coast Highway

Mugu Rock near Oxnard on the Pacific Coast Highway

Once you reach Malibu the Highway moves inland and there is nothing of note to mention other than some very nice homes, however once you exit Malibu conditions gradually change with some very nice scenes of the mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the West and  then the views of Mugu Rock approches  on the left befor entering Oxnard where the Highway goes inland again for about 10 miles.

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